Thanksgiving Time

We got back last night from our Thanksgiving trip to Norman. It was great to see Mom, Jeff and his new wife Shanna. Grey was generally very good on the long road trip. Traffic was tough in both directions, so we ended up seeing a lot of back-roads Texas in our attempts to avoid I-35.

Jeff and I went to the Bedlam game on Saturday night. What a game it was! It was cold and windy in the stands, but it was worth us staying for the full game. Oklahoma 51, OSU 48.

On our way back to Austin, we stopped off at Arbuckle Wilderness to see and feed some wild animals on their drive-through safari. I was a little disappointed in how run down the place looked, but Grey had a really good time.

Many of our holiday thoughts have been with Christy’s cousin-in-law, Amy. Amy suffered a stoke after being in a seemingly minor traffic accident the week before. She has a long road to recovery ahead of her, and we wish nothing but the best for her and Christy’s cousin Greg in the coming days.

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