Two-For-One Surgery

At the ice cream shop: “Looks like he got some on his face!”

At work: “How cute!  He has a leaf hanging out of his mouth!”

Grey was born with a congenital nevus (birthmark) on his lower right lip.  It’s not the kind of birthmark that fades away with age.  In fact, during the first year of his life, it has gotten darker.  The good news is that it’s also the kind of birthmark that is not likely to become cancerous.

The bad news is that it’s on his face, and people are already taking notice.  Admittedly, Christina and I were taken aback when we first saw Grey’s birthmark.  Over a pretty short period of time, though, we both got used to it.  To our surprise, it’s actually adults that make reference to it, not in a malice or in teasing, but these incidents remind us that it will only be a matter of time before Grey’s peers start to take notice.

A few months ago, we also noticed that Grey had an unusual bulge in his groin area.  He was diagnosed as having a hydrocele of the cord, which is likely harmless, but which seems to be growing and not going away on its own.

We’ve decided to move forward with surgery to remove both the birthmark and the hydrocele at the same time.  It will happen in late March.

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