Torchy’s is Damn Good

We love Torchy’s.  After El Chile closed their Greystone location, we were left without a good, local restaurant in the Northwest Hills area that was relaxing and provided outdoor seating.  Then Torchy’s opened their location on Spicewood Springs near Mesa.

I had already been to Torchy’s for lunch several times with co-workers.  The first couple of times I took Christina there, she wasn’t impressed.  The good news, though is that their menu is so variegated that if you don’t like one thing you try, there’s a good chance you’ll like something else you choose.

The other aspect of their menu that is nice is while some options are heavy, others are lighter and less guilt-ridden.  The tacos they crank out are consistently fresh and delicious.

Torchy’s is now part of our weekly routine.  We will regularly enjoy Mr. Orange or Mr. Pink, and we look forward to trying the new tacos of the month.

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