Grey’s Surgery

imageGrey had surgery this morning to remove his birthmark. He was also scheduled to have a hydrocele removed from his groin, but when the surgeon came to check it out pre-op, he couldn’t detect it, so that surgery was cancelled.

Grey looks surprisingly good, and we’re managing his comfort level. By noon he was swinging and dancing. He took a nice long nap this afternoon (we all did), and he is doing well this evening.

Mom came down last night to help out during his recovery. I took a couple of days off and will be back to work Thursday.

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Torchy’s is Damn Good

We love Torchy’s.  After El Chile closed their Greystone location, we were left without a good, local restaurant in the Northwest Hills area that was relaxing and provided outdoor seating.  Then Torchy’s opened their location on Spicewood Springs near Mesa.

I had already been to Torchy’s for lunch several times with co-workers.  The first couple of times I took Christina there, she wasn’t impressed.  The good news, though is that their menu is so variegated that if you don’t like one thing you try, there’s a good chance you’ll like something else you choose.

The other aspect of their menu that is nice is while some options are heavy, others are lighter and less guilt-ridden.  The tacos they crank out are consistently fresh and delicious.

Torchy’s is now part of our weekly routine.  We will regularly enjoy Mr. Orange or Mr. Pink, and we look forward to trying the new tacos of the month.

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Two-For-One Surgery

At the ice cream shop: “Looks like he got some on his face!”

At work: “How cute!  He has a leaf hanging out of his mouth!”

Grey was born with a congenital nevus (birthmark) on his lower right lip.  It’s not the kind of birthmark that fades away with age.  In fact, during the first year of his life, it has gotten darker.  The good news is that it’s also the kind of birthmark that is not likely to become cancerous.

The bad news is that it’s on his face, and people are already taking notice.  Admittedly, Christina and I were taken aback when we first saw Grey’s birthmark.  Over a pretty short period of time, though, we both got used to it.  To our surprise, it’s actually adults that make reference to it, not in a malice or in teasing, but these incidents remind us that it will only be a matter of time before Grey’s peers start to take notice.

A few months ago, we also noticed that Grey had an unusual bulge in his groin area.  He was diagnosed as having a hydrocele of the cord, which is likely harmless, but which seems to be growing and not going away on its own.

We’ve decided to move forward with surgery to remove both the birthmark and the hydrocele at the same time.  It will happen in late March.

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Thanksgiving, 2012

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Thanksgiving Time

We got back last night from our Thanksgiving trip to Norman. It was great to see Mom, Jeff and his new wife Shanna. Grey was generally very good on the long road trip. Traffic was tough in both directions, so we ended up seeing a lot of back-roads Texas in our attempts to avoid I-35.

Jeff and I went to the Bedlam game on Saturday night. What a game it was! It was cold and windy in the stands, but it was worth us staying for the full game. Oklahoma 51, OSU 48.

On our way back to Austin, we stopped off at Arbuckle Wilderness to see and feed some wild animals on their drive-through safari. I was a little disappointed in how run down the place looked, but Grey had a really good time.

Many of our holiday thoughts have been with Christy’s cousin-in-law, Amy. Amy suffered a stoke after being in a seemingly minor traffic accident the week before. She has a long road to recovery ahead of her, and we wish nothing but the best for her and Christy’s cousin Greg in the coming days.

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